Sunday, September 6, 2020

IIT Delhi is looking for Engineer for a Dog-Handler job

Big embarrassment for IIT Delhi after published an advertisement for Dog handler job and minimum qualification for this jobs was BA / B.Com / B.Tech or equivalent undergraduate degree, salary up to 45000 per month. 

IIT Delhi is looking for Engineer for Dog-Handler jobs. 

Many engineer or graduate are without job and company are not ready to pay them even Rs 10000 per month.

But IIT Delhi at least thinking something good about engineer and offering Rs 45000 per month for dog-handler jobs, well jokes apart after facing lot of flack on social media for this ad, later IIT Delhi issued a press release and withdraw the advertisement. 

IIT Delhi clarified in a press release that advertisement was result of a mix up .

"IIT Delhi would like to clarify that the minimum qualification as mentioned in the advertisement got inadvertently copied from another job advertisement. The qualification intended in the advertisement was ‘Bachelor of Veterinary Science".

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