Friday, September 11, 2020

Akshay Kumar Say He Drinks Cow Urine Daily

Akshay Kumar say he drinks cow urine daily. During chat with Bell Bottom co star Huma Qureshi on Instagram, Akshay Kumar and Bear Grylls spoke about shooting wild special episode at Bandipur National park. 

Akshay Kumar
Akshay Kumar with Bear Grylls 

While shooting wild episode with bear & having "elephant poo tea" during the shoot, Akshay kumar revealed that it really wasn't a big deal for him as he drinks cow urine every day for Ayurvedic reason.

Now Akshay fans are going for a overdrive and search google to see the ayurvedic benefit of drinking cow urine. 

Bear Grylls acknowledged that Akshay is fun guy with no ego and he also impressed with Akshay fitness and rate him Tire-1 in fitness department. The special episode wild with Bear Grylls featuring Akshay Kumar will be aired on Sept 11 at 8 PM on Discovery plus. 

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