Saturday, August 15, 2020

Top Highlight from PM Modi Independence Speech

PM Modi delivered his seventh consecutive Independence Day speech (90 minute long) on Saturday. Main Highlight of his speech. 

1. National health mission will be introduce, every citizen will get unique health identity. 

2. Encourage citizen to be 'vocal for Local' and give call for Atmanirbhar Bharat. 

3. Optical fiber network provided to 6 lakh village in 1000 days. 

4. Free Gas cylinders were given to seven crore poor family. 

5. 80 crore people provided free food grains. 

6. Three COVID19 vaccine are in different stage of testing, the entire roadmap and delivery were ready.

7. Government was determined to hold assembly election in J&K once delimitation excersie was complete.

8. Clear message to China & Pakistan PM Modi Said, "Those who challenge the country sovereignty be it LOC or LAC have been given a befitting reply in their own language." 

9. "Committee has been setup to reconsider the minimum age for marriage of our daughter", PM said

10. We will drinking water to every household.

11. Referring to the Ram Temple, PM Modi said Centuries old issue has been resolve peacefully. 

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