Sunday, August 30, 2020

Download copyright free image from Google

Getting appropriate and free image for your blog article is a big headache for the blogger and content writer. Most of the time you feel that the image you want to use is copy right by someone or you need to pay someone to use that image in your blog post or article. But there is a way, if you can follow the below step than you can download the copyright free image from Google. 

Download copyright free image from Google

1. Open Google website in your chrome browser. 

Free image

2. Type the word in Google search bar for which the image you want to use, supposed we need free image for our article on coronavirus or COVID19, then type Coronavirus and click on images. 


3. Then click on tools & select Labeled for reuse with modification as seen in the below screenshot. 

4.Just click on the image you want to use, expand the link and scroll down a little bit. You will get two type of image here, one which comes under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license these images you can use, if you give credit to the creator (put his name and add link  to the image) and other category fall under public domain  (Its is completely free to use, no need to give any credit to anyone). In both the cases, no need to pay anything to anyone for using these images. 

5. Once you have decided, which image you want to use, right click on the image and save it on your hard drive and from there you can upload the image to your article and blog post. But how you will give credit and add link to the image.

Suppose we uploaded the below image to our article, after that select or highlight the image, you will get the add caption option, here you can add creator name and add link to the image. (I have written source unknown, but you will need to add author name and create link for the same)

free images
Source: unknown 

There are few site on google if you search for a free image, but either image available in free stock category or you need to pay them to download. But, if you use the above method you can download copyright image from Google for free, and use it in your blog post or article. 

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