Monday, August 24, 2020

Advantage For Having Non-Gandhi As Congress Party President

It is very unfortunate that it's almost more than one year for 2019 Lok Sabha election and congress party still looking for a leader to lead the party. 

Advantage for having Non-Gandhi as congress party president

As far as news is coming out that party may opt for non Gandhi leader as party president and well it not a bad option but right now it is all speculation. If congress party zero on particular Non-Gandhi leader and select he/she to lead the party then it may have its pro and cons for the party. He or she may be having some advantage or disadvantage, but also have huge task to build the party. The upcoming challenge for Non-Gandhi party president may face, which are listed below. 

1. Non Gandhi as a party president will bring different perspective and thinking at the top level. 

2. Non Gandhi president may not carry the burden of the past, ruling party BJP may find it difficult to launch personal attack, which they are doing for last six years. Criticizing Gandhi family is favorite time pass for BJP leadership. 

3. If this experiment is successful, than it is good for congress party in a long run. 

4. This allow Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra to concentrate more at grass root level and to build party origination without facing frontal attack from the BJP. 

5. Major task for the Non-Gandhi party president is to keep their troops united in the absence of Gandhi. 

6. Past experience to have Non Gandhi party president was forgettable. 

7. Not to be seen as he or she manage remotely by Gandhi family. 

8. Big challenge for party president is to lead and win congress party in 2024  Lok Sabha election. 

9. Huge task to build Congress in big state like UP and win upcoming UP assembly election.

10. Give tough fight to MODI- Amit Shah duel in the center.  

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