Saturday, July 11, 2020

Vikas Dubey Kanpur Encounter Case & Unending Tail Of Corruption

Vikas Dubey Kanpur encounter & Unending tail of corruption, even Bollywood want to change it's script but I think our system is not allowing them to do it. Vikas Dubey story is the same old age saga which we saw many times in Bollywood but now both Villain and Hero role played by the Police like in movie Dabang 

Vikas Dubey
Vikas Dubey Kanpur Encounter Case

There may be many reasons for criminal like Vikas Dubey to reach that level, where he became a monster even for those who created him, but there are three reasons which are responsible for this corrupt system.

1. Election Funding: If any political party promises to fight against corruption without coming out clean on its political funding, then it means they are only playing to the gallery.  Political funding is the first step when criminals want to turn from black to white. According to the ADR report 43% of newly elected MPs have criminal records against them and ADR report 2018-19 said Indian seven national parties got 67% fund from unknown sources which can not be traced. 

This data shows that there is a lot of opportunity available for criminals like Vikas Dubey to enter into the system and create havoc in the society.  You can only bring positive change in the system, if you fight and win an election with your hard earned money or have process which encourage clean election funding.

2. Corrupt Judiciary: Vikas Dubey in 30 years have 65 criminal cases including 5 murder cases against him. Back in 2001 Vikas Dubey killed state minister rank BJP leader Snatosh Shukala inside Shivali police station in broad daylight in front of 25 policemen without any resistance, later all witnesses turned hostile and Vikas Dubey was acquitted by the court. 

Above scenario shows that how tidy, lengthy and compromise our judicial process, criminals are confident that even if the police catch them, they will easily get the bail from the court and it doesn't matter how heinous the crime they have committed, even today Vikas dubey encounter by UP police reflect this reality and they knew how criminal can manipulate our judicial system, despite they were the right side of the law (Vikas Dubey case they are not).

People in the judiciary need to create the state wise database of the judges  & lawyers those who were prone to help criminals in the past or was there any pattern in their judgement. There are many ways to clean up the system if you have good intentions. 

3. Fight Against Corruption: Most of the time our fight against corruption focused on top political leader or big scam like 2G scam, Bofors, Aircel- maxim scam you name few, but as far as result is concern we got nothing because everything lost in the noise and power play. But we also need to think that there are two type of corruption, one which flow from top to bottom and other from bottom to top. 

Mostly media and political party interested in former approach as it will give them higher TRP rating and to target their political opponent but this will not bring any change to the society and make no sense for the common man.

Our focused should be from bottom to top (like in Vikas Dubey case), corruption which is going from lower level to higher level, corruption which is going from constable to DGP, from Gram Pradhan to DM, from district court to supreme court, corruption in municipal corporation.

This is an area where our collective efforts are required when it comes to fight against corruption then only we are able to change the system and free our society from the notorious criminal like Vikas Dubey and able to break the famous love triangle (Criminals-Police-Politician).

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