Saturday, July 4, 2020

Too Late To Ban Chinese Apps And Products?

Banning Chinese apps and products is a great lesson for India and reflects the past misjudgment, miscalculation, wrong policies, and denial mode, from the part of the government as well as from the Indian IT Industry is clearly visible. 

Ban Chinese Apps
Ban Chinese Apps
1. If you remember, the government launched Make in India Campaign in 2014. Since the government has put a lot of money, energy and time in this program. It is better not to talk about the result we have achieved under this program that everyone sees. 

2. You can't be perfect in everything. The government is still working hard to get something in manufacturing which is not India's strength and ignoring the service sector in this process which is our strength. 

Make in India

3.  Now manufacturing and service sectors both are looking for guidance as it was reflected in job data, which is going back to the pre-independence era. 

4.  What we are offering in manufacturing, low labor cost, tax rebate, cheap land & electricity to the manufacturing company, this can also be offered by countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, Srilanka and many others. 

6. We also have a well educated english speaking population which other countries find it difficult to match, which is more suitable for the service sector but ignorance from the government and IT industry making their life more difficult. 

7. Indian IT industry failed to see what is coming after the call center revolution or don't want to see the reality except Mukesh Ambani, who knew the value of data and virtually converted RIL into an IT company with the help of JIO. 

8. Well established IT companies are still in denial mode and not ready to face the new challenges thrown up by the US and Chinese IT companies as they don't even want to participate in the race. 

Ban on Chinese apps and products, It's too late for the government and IT companies to bring any kind of change and make India a market leader as the government is still  too concern about the manufacturing sector (which is not our strength) ignoring the service sector and the India IT industry is in denial mode, as they don't care about the future.

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