Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Rafale The Game Changer

India is all set to receive 5 Rafale fighter jets twin seater from France. The first batch of rafale will reach Ambala airbase in Haryana this afternoon. India has signed 8.78 (59000 Cr) Billion rafale deal for 36 fighter (28 single seater & 8 twin seater) with France in 2016.  France will deliver all Rafale jets by April-May 2022. The rafale fighter plane will come with deadly  missile like Scalp, Meteor, Mica, and Hammer Missile system. 

Rafale reach ambala
    Image Source Rafale - RIAT 2009  Rafale The Game Changer

See rafale infographic to know more about the fighter jets and its weapon system. 

Bon Voyage: Indian Ambassador to France interacts with the Indian pilots of the Rafale. Congratulates and wishes them a safe flight to India with a single hop.
Rafale take off from France and soon on 29th July 2020 it will join Indian air force.

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