Saturday, July 18, 2020

How To Create A Blog?

How To Start A Blog: As we mention in our last article What is blogging? that we are going to cover this topic, so that you can create your own blog free of cost. 

create blog
Start your own blog

We suggest you try to build your blog 1. Blogger blog 2. WordPress, we will use blogger platform to build our first blog (which is Google product) and that is too completely free of cost. We are assuming that you are new to this field and you have no idea about how you can create a blog, so without wasting any time lets create our first blog step by step. 

1. Type in chrome address bar

How To Create A Blog 

 2. Sign with your Gmail ID 


3. Give title of your blog this can you change later.

blog post
Give Title To Your Blog

4. Type address of your blog by which you can access our blog.

Type your Blog Address

5. Type display name

strat blog
Give display name to your blog

6.  Now you welcome with your blogger dashboard, you have just created your first blog.

Blogger Dashboard

7. Now it's time to create a first post. 

Note: We are assuming that you are new to this field and you have created your first blog because you feel passionate about the topic and want to write & share with others. There are many settings you will find in the blogger dashboard, but I advise you don't think too much about at least for one month. 

Initially just focus on writing the post and write 12 to 15 posts because I have seen many bloggers quit after posting one or two posts and they find it very boring, so it is better for you to check yourself by writing 12 to 15 post whether you can continue with the topic for a longer period of time or not.

We will discuss other blogger setting in our next article, till then enjoy blogging. 

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