Monday, July 13, 2020

Congress Rajasthan Political Crisis | Congress Leadership Crisis

After losing Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh state government, congress is facing the same crisis in Rajasthan. Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan problem is quite similar and it shows that the party is not only going through the leadership crisis at the top but also conflict between young & senior leader. 

Rajasthan Political Crisis
Sachin Pilot-Rajasthan Political Crisis 

1.We called this problem of plenty in cricket, you have some good young and senior leaders at the state level and that makes the captain role very crucial how he handles them. As per career in politics congress senior leaders are not so old that you can put them in Marg Darshak Mandal like in the BJP, and young leaders like Rahul Gandhi, Sachin Pilot, Madhavrao Scindia (now in BJP) are not so young that they can sit idle and wait for the next opportunity to secure their position in this competitive field. Congress is out of power in the center, making things difficult for seniors and young leaders. 

2. Both generation leaders are finding it difficult to work under each other and all  have considerable support base at the grass root level, which helped the party win the state level election, so they are not afraid to flex their muscle to reposition themselves in the party. 

Rajasthan Political Crisis
Ashok Ghelot-Rajasthan Political Crisis
3. Senior leader also worried about their family tree, if these young leader (Madhavrao Scindia, now in BJP, Sachin Pilot in Rajasthan) allow to grow then what happen to their next generation, like  former MP CM Kamal Nath's son Nakul Nath loksabha MP from Chindwada, Digvijay's son Jaivardhan represents Raghogarh Vidhan Sabha constituency, Rajasthan CM Ashok Ghelot's son Vaibhav Ghelot. 

4.  Congress party tasted defeat in the 2019 Lok Sabha election under young leadership of Mr. Rahul Gandhi created leadership vacuum, he blamed many senior leaders for this miserable loss in the 2019 Lok Sabha election and that made many senior leaders uncomfortable and unsure about their future in the party. 

5. Rajasthan Political Crisis point the uncertainty at the top, Congress yet to have full time President, right now Sonia Gandhi is working as interim president. Congress, first needs to fill the leadership vacuum at the top. 

Congress top three leaders (Sonia, Rahul, Priyanka) either need to work like a former Indian cricket coach Gary Kristen. Kristen made himself invisible and let Dhoni march, but still able to win the cricket world cup for India (appoint a credible leader as party president and themselves work from behind, let the other leader march) or else soon the time will come when party needs to choose between Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka, who is better to lead the congress and make no mistake, 2024 Lok Sabha election is not very far away. 

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