Thursday, July 23, 2020

Assam floods Every Year Why?

Every year we heard about this news on TV that there is flood in Assam, but we forget all this once news disappear from the TV. But again next year, this news appears on TV that there is a flood in Assam. Then we think why it's happening again and again but never try to understand why there is flood in Assam. Lets see all the reasons behind Assam flood.

Assam floods
Assam floods every year why? 

Why Assam Floods Every Year, Explained


About Brahmaputra River:

  •  Brahmaputra river source: Chemayungdung Glacier near Mount Kailash range in Tibet 
  • Total length from Tibet to Bangladesh 2906 Km, India - 918 Km, Width in Assam - 10 Km 
  • Name: Tibet - Yarlung Zangbo or Tsangpo, India - Brahmaputra in Assam, Siang in Arunchal Pradesh, Bangladesh - Jammuna

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