Wednesday, July 8, 2020

54 Days Of Coronavirus | COVID19

India's COVID-19 tally crosses 7-lakh mark: Countries like Taiwan, New Zealand and others, which are able to contain the coronavirus or COVID19 successfully have two things in common.

Fight Against Coronavirus or COVID19

1. Know your first coronavirus patient.
2. Never tried to hide or manipulate the coronavirus data

1. Know your first coronavirus patient

Above two things are very important if you want to win the fight against this coronavirus pandemic. Now comes to the India case, here first coronavirus case was detected in Kerala on Jan 30 2020,  when one student who returned from Wuhan was found to be COVID19 infected and this is the time when the center government need to act, but the first lock down in India started from 24th march 2020. There was a gap of 54 days and this time was more than enough to spread the virus in the whole country. This is the time when we have to try everything from lock down to contact tracing from social distancing to rapid testing, but once you miss your first patient or that opportunity, then you have to go through that pain which other European countries and US citizens have witnessed.

Tough question need to be asked from the government, what their machinery is doing in these 54 days and why they took so long to act and one can understand European countries and US failed to  detect the coronavirus danger coming from China but China is our neighbor, how come we aren't able to see what is coming from China. It's been our duty to alert the rest of the world, but we ourselves are sleeping and before we wake up, the damage was already done. Responsibility should be fixed for those 54 days.

Fight Against Coronavirus

2. Never try to hide or manipulate the coronavirus data:

Many Indian states in the beginning tried to hide and manipulate the data and declared their own model was able to contain coronavirus spread successfully, but the truth is everyone to see, when India's COVID-19 tally crosses 7 lakh mark today.

So the lesson for everyone in the government, always be true to the data and present the right picture to the public because then only you will get the right advice from the expert and win the war against the coronavirus or COVID19 epidemic. 

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